Different interpreting modes may be used depending on the specific situation and recipients (e.g., international events, multilateral or bilateral meetings).

Simultaneous interpretation can be performed either via electronic/electric equipment, e.g., interpreter booths or portable interpreting equipment (“bidule”) or without equipment (by whispering the translation in the recipient’s ear – what is known as “chuchotage”). Consecutive interpretation can be performed either with or without note-taking, depending on the length or complexity of the speech. 

Typical application sectors:

Industry, research and development, e.g., conferences, technical trainings, test trials of machinery, visit to production sites, launch of products, negotiations, etc.

Judicial authorities, law firms, notary offices, public service, e.g., court trials, police interviewing, notarial deeds, medical and psychological assessments, etc.

Private persons, e.g., estate sales, weddings, recognition of paternity, medical visits, etc.


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